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Our primary goal is to protect and secure our drivers and build unity among taxi workers. We will negotiate on behalf of the taxi drivers for discounts with any service providers that are essential to the welfare and profitability of taxicab workers. We know too well the frustrations of the business of being a taxi-driver in Ontario. Whether we are dealing with aggressive policing, arrogant dispatchers, high lease rates or unfair licensing systems we need solidarity amongst drivers with an effective organized association. Take advantage of the many benefits of being a member of iTaxiworkers Association. Join today!


Taxi Review Framework - Draft
As announced by the City of Toronto, a draft of the Taxi Review Framework has been released. This Framework has adopted several proposed changes in our reform proposal and iTaxiworkers is calling on its members to continue pushing for justice and dignity for all the Taxicab workers. To learn more about these proposed changes, click here

Contact Toronto City Councillors Toronto


iTaxiworkers Fighting for Justice and Dignity - Read Rank and File


iTaxworkers Taxicab Industry Reform Proposal


Another Taxicab workers stabbed and robbed - press release - March 20, 2013


Toronto Taxicab worker stabbed - Press Release March 14, 2013


iTaxiworkers says no to TTC Wheeltrans Contract

iTaxiworkers Fighting for Wheeltrans Drivers

The 2012 Taxicab Industry Review - Phase 2

iTaxiworkers Protests Aggressive Ticketing

Rosenthal on Equality in the Toronto Taxi Industry

Terrible working conditions spur Union Organizing in the Taxi Industry- huffingtonpost reports

What is the media saying about the Toronto Taxi Industry? This industry needs fixing, says the NOW MAGAZINE - Read here

The opinionated Open File Blog explains the current debate and proposes bold solutions - Read here



Fare Game: Life in Toronto's Taxis is a new documentary theatre piece by the Toronto Taxi Collective - Ruth Madoc-Jones, Marjorie Chan and Alex Williams - portraying the lives and struggles of Toronto taxi drivers as they fight for change at city hall. Toronto's taxi industry is largely made up of many newcomers who do the driving and others who collect money from the leasing of plates - sometimes at rates that make driving 12 hours a day, 6 days a week necessary just to make enough to feed their families. A password is required to watch this video and it is taxi.


Toronto Taxicab workers Rally for Reform
Hundreds of taxi drivers have converged at the Toronto City Hall Monday, February 27, 2012 to show strength and demand the City of Toronto to begin the long delayed review process towards taxi reform. The iTaxiworkers Association has held a press conference (see press release) in the City Hall Members Gallery where it has released its reform proposals and supporting submission to the City’s 2012 Taxi Cab Industry Review (see complete reform proposal). The City responded immediately with an update and has released its plan of action. It plans to conduct its review process according to the following schedule:

Phase 1 – March to May 2012: Multiple Stakeholder and Public Consultations
Phase 2 – May to September 2012: Research, Analysis and the Preliminary Report
Phase 3 – September to December 2012: The Final Report

iTaxiworkers Association will continue fighting for a just and equitable opportunity for the thousands of workers in the Taxicab Industry.

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A letter from Khalil Talke

"When I was attacked on February 14th 2011 I honestly thought I might be witnessing my own end...I urge all drivers to join our cause and our Association, when we speak as one we are stronger and together in unity we can win justice and respect for all drivers. Read more


New York Taxi Workers Alliance visits Toronto

Click here to view a video of President of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, Bhairavi Desai, addressing Toronto taxi workers at the Annual General Meeting of iTaxiworkers Association last month.

Successful General Membership Meeting
The General Membership meeting held Sunday, January 15, 2012 was a success.Taxi workers in Toronto have voted to strengthen their association and push ahead with plans to improve legal services while stepping up the fight for justice for drivers. The membership of the Toronto Chapter of the iTaxiworkers Association voted overwhelmingly to increase resources so members have a strong voice standing up for them in court and at City Hall. The vote means the Association will step up its campaign to win fair treatment for taxi workers and demand measures to protect their health and safety. At the iTaxiworkers Association general meeting, hundreds of members voted overwhelmingly to support a recommendation by the Association’s Board to increase the membership dues by $10, effective Feb 15th, 2012 and to introduce fee-for-service legal representation, effective Feb. 1st.


Taxicab Review Underway
The hard work to get the City of Toronto to undertake comprehensive reform regarding the broken Taxi industry is underway. The first consultation meeting was held on Dec. 7, 2011. The iTaxiworkers attended this meeting and delivered a strong message to the City.


Toronto Taxi Industry Reform underway

At the MLS meeting on September 9, 2011, the committee has accepted a report from Staff that outlined a process for industry consultation and eventual reform. However, the Association has some concerns as the consultation will be conducted in silos, which undermines the idea of common industry approach. The iTaxiworkers will continue working with the City and other industry stakeholders to come up with common solutions that will improve the lives of all working drivers, contribute to the health of the industry and business and make the service the best it can be for the riding public. The Association urges all Taxicab workers to join us in a call for a round table discussion for all industry stakeholders to come together with MLS and arrive at a sustainable solution.


iTaxiworkers Reform Council Meeting

The city of Toronto will proceed with the expected Taxi industry review. The association is seeking the input of all Taxicab workers to put together a comprehensive proposal. Please join us:
Monday August 29, 2011 at 6:30 pm.
25 Cecil St. Toronto, Ontario

Halal food will be provided for Iftar. This meeting is open to all.

Press Release— A savage attack on Toronto Taxicab worker

A Toronto Taxicab worker was repeatedly stabbed by an assailant and is now recovering in hospital. Following the attack , many fellow drivers are demanding tougher penalties for criminals who commit violent acts against Taxicab workers. Mr. Talke has been victimized twice as he was forced to return his Taxi Plate by the City of Toronto as required by the current unfair regulation. The police has not so far arrested the assailant.

Toronto Taxi Plate Leasing Regulation Changed

Once again iTaxiworkers has delivered on its promise. A lobbying campaign initiated by iTaxiworkers has resulted in a historic motion being approved at Toronto City Hall to amend the Taxi Leasing By-Law.

Announcement to our members

iTaxiworkers Association is pleased to announce a new partnership with Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP (BTZ). As part of our ongoing commitment to achieving the highest level of service for our members, we have retained the services of BTZ, a Toronto law firm specializing in litigation, to provide legal representation for our members. Though previously our legal services were provided by a paralegal, we will now have a team of lawyers at our disposal. Read more...

City of Toronto Licensing bylaw—Chapter 545

2011 Licensing and Standards Committee  Agendas and Meetings

NEW Petro Canada Gas Discount Cards

Membership in iTaxiworkers Association means you are entitled to receive a Petro-Canada card free of charge. This card provides a great benefit to members when purchasing gas. The card will give you 2.5-cents-per-litre cash discount at the pump and 1.5 cents-per-litre in petro points. For those of you who have ordered a card and have not yet received it by mail, call the association for assistance.

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Click here to view a video of taxi workers telling their firsthand accounts of what life is like as an Ambassador plate holder.



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Calling all taxicab workers to City Hall



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